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An unforgettable smile requires straight teeth!

Our dental team at Poco Comfort Dentistry can help you achieve a beautiful smile and to improve overall dental health by re-positioning your teeth with traditional Orthodontics. Orthodontics rearranges your teeth into the ideal position, decreasing the rate of dental cavities by allowing better home care and tooth cleaning. Misaligned teeth are also susceptible to uneven tooth wear, which may decrease the life of your teeth. Orthodontics treatment, particularly in young children will not only facilitate oral health, but will also enhance the entire facial profile and appearance.

But braces aren’t just for kids anymore! As a matter of fact, they are the newest fashion trend for children, teenagers, and adults alike! Treatment can be successful at any age.

Today’s braces are mostly clear or tooth-colored, allowing them to blend in with the teeth, making them almost invisible. In some cases, brackets can be put behind the teeth.

Many problems are easier to correct when detected early. Orthodontic treatment commonly begins in the pre-teen or teenage years. It is recommended that every child receive an orthodontic evaluation by age seven.